If I Just Had Some Time:

a unique retreat for women writers,
entrepreneurs, artists and
makers and sellers of marvelous things

How often have you wished for some time away
to think about and focus on a special project?

To give reality to all those someday ideas?

To discern what might be coming next?

Join us in the natural beauty of Martha’s Vineyard
for a small, intimate retreat

September 20-23, 2016


September is my favorite month on Martha’s Vineyard — warm days, crisp nights and quiet beaches as a welcome stillness falls across the island after the hectic summertime.

Imagine having four days here to devote to thinking about and bringing to life the project that you know will move you forward. To explore areas you’ve been dreaming of, get fresh perspectives, use creative tools and think in the quiet of nature.

You know that with some support and distraction-free time, you would finally make progress on that special project.

retreat4(beach)Taking time for yourself

How often have you dreamt of time away in a cottage near the sea to think, create, breathe and explore nature without the distractions of home, day-to-day work, interruptions or even planning meals?

Where an afternoon nap might be part of your process and sitting on the beach with a notebook, watching the waves and listening for new thoughts is essential for your working.

You will be in charge of your island adventure as you write, create, plan and bring your special project to life. Spend time alone… share with kindred spirits… consult with me… walk and work in the beauty of this island … try some new tools for brainstorming and planning… set your own rhythm.

And you will be nourished by delicious, locally-sourced, home-cooked meals (that magically appear without your thinking about it).

Are you ready to join us? Give yourself (and the project that longs to be born) permission to take this time.

Taking “time out” from the daily grind, to step back and ask “What do I really want to accomplish with this business?” was so invaluable. I thank you with all my heart.

How will this work?

This retreat is different. It is a special blend of guidance and open space. No workshops. No intense group discussions. No awkward must-do’s. You set the pace to work at your own rhythm. See what you can do with time, focus, creative tools, nature and the energy of a small group of like-minded women. retreat3(chairs)-new

You’ll be part of a cozy gathering of about six women who share the challenges and joys of creating work on their own and launching it into the world. We will support and inspire each other as we delve into our projects.

You can arrive at the cottage as early as 2pm on Tuesday, September 20th (we can pick you up at the ferry or airport). We’ll gather that evening for a getting-to-know-each-other dinner and conversation.


  • Breakfast will be continental style, so that you can start the day on your own best schedule.
  • Late morning we’ll all gather for coffee or tea and you can plan your day. We’ll explore some creative tools, set your intentions and discuss possibilities for where you might wander and work.

During the Day:

This time is your own to work on your project.

  • You can play in an area set up with supplies for your brainstorming and planning (Colored Post-Its! Markers! Big big paper!).
  • I will be available for on-the-spot consulting on your project.
  • We can also have a one-on-one review of your website — what’s working, what might be refined and clarified.
  • I’ll recommend local spots where you might want to work.
  • I don’t want to break up your creative flow, so lunch is on your own. I can recommend close-by eateries.

You gave me terrific guidance and practical feedback while letting the project be my own. A gentle purposefulness.


  • We’ll gather in the evening for dinner, share what we discovered, ask and answer questions. (There may even be an evening at the beach.)

Please note: Vegetarian and gluten-free options will be available as needed. Let me know ahead and we will plan meals and snacks accordingly.

Special Bonus!

Would you like one more day? The retreat ends on Friday, but you’re welcome to stay an extra day at the cottage (most do).

You’ll be on your own for meals, but that brings you right into the weekend…. lovely.

This environment has been nurturing in a way I didn’t expect. I’m leaving with a sense of renewal.

Where will we be staying?

retreat2(house)-new We’ll be staying in a spacious turn-of-the-century Victorian cottage (see it over there to the left?) in the historic Copeland District of Oak Bluffs. There are 8 private bedrooms and 3 comfortable shared bathrooms (plus an outdoor shower — uniquely Vineyard-esque).

The cottage is perfect for thinking and writing, with outdoor seating areas, a wrap-around porch and walking distance to just about everything (including ice cream shops!). The beach is just a short walk down the road.

Oak Bluffs is very special, with beaches, the harbor, gingerbread cottages, Ocean Park and more places where you can work or explore – all within a five-minute walk. (Or ride one of our bikes.)

An important part of doing this creative work is to walk away at points, allowing your mind to catch up and think through what you’ve been doing. This spot provides you with that space and freedom.

I felt my soul creeping open as my project came to life.

Are you wondering?

I don’t know what to work on. So many ideas (or I can’t seem to think of even one).
 It’s best if you come with a project in mind — one that makes you smile when you think about working on it. (Not a “Should Do” project give yourself the gift of working on a project that has fresh energy about it.) retreat1(coffee)-new

Even before the retreat, we will discuss your project ideas. I can help you find the just-right project for this time away.

But I’m not very creative.

Oh, yes you are! Working for yourself or running your own business is one of the most creative acts there is. You have created a space and a culture, and you make unique decisions every day that work within your own special style. This retreat is a place to do more of that.

Any other questions? Send me an email and we can talk.

Click to see some photos from the previous retreat

Let’s make your project a reality 

Because it isn’t just work — it is a part of you.

Because it’s MUCH easier to think and plan in community and with a little support.

Because you and your work deserve some quality time together.

 The retreat gave me a new frame of mind to finally accomplish what I want.

sign me up-final

Retreat Cost: $950 (includes private room, breakfasts and dinners and the community of kindred spirits)

An Ending Note

I believe that every act of work and business is a creative act.

You might not think of yourself as creative. But you have created work that you love and you make decisions every day that affect the lives of the people who interact with it. Think about that for a moment — it makes you very special.

I can’t wait to see you here!

Love, Lori

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