There is a power in words. Especially at the dawn of a new year.

One well-chosen word can hold more truth and opportunity than a list of resolutions. My practice is to replace that traditional list of Shoulds with a word to be my guidepost for the coming year.

Sometimes the word gently finds me. Other years it takes a few weeks of thought.

It could be your biggest longing, highest hope. A quality you want to invite more of into your life. Something to celebrate. Reflect upon. Meditate. Incorporate into your life in a new way. Or release.

Last year I chose two words, linked: Creativity and Community.

I played with bringing more of both into my daily life and my business. I printed it on the cover of my day planner. I added it as a signature in my emails. I painted a sign for my studio. I lived with it, breathed it in and out, checked in on decisions and plans with it.

This year my word is Layers.

I think of it as overlaying layers of meaning and richness.

Or taking away layers — stripping to the essence. Sloughing off layers of the extraneous. Of old stories that are no longer helpful.

Letting go while adding.

In my business, SEO itself is becoming more layered and nuanced. It’s never been cut and dried, but it is becoming ever more contextual and personalized. Search optimization is about your customer more than about your product. The center has shifted. (Hmmm…. I sense a blog post coming.)

And my belief that as a business owner your business brings you face to face with your values, beliefs, doubts, opportunities — that adds a layer of spirituality or consciousness on top of the day-to-day work.

I can’t wait to see where layers takes me.

Is a word calling to you this year? Claim yours in the comments, if you would like to share. (I’d love to read it.)

Image: RachelEllen