About Lori

Savannah-photoFrom high-tech beginnings…

I have loved working with the energy and possibilities of the internet since the 80’s. Most of that time was with high-tech start-ups with break-through technologies.

In that wild world of fast change, it was my job to make sure products were easy to use and understand and then to market these brand-new products. I led groups in user interface design, usability testing, website creation, online information, product design, internationalization and global marketing.

To consulting…

I didn’t know it then, but this was the best preparation imaginable for what I do now — as an internet marketing consultant.

Ten years ago, I moved to Martha’s Vineyard, started Roundabout and began to work with online businesses across the country:

    • To help them connect with their best clients/customers
    • Become visible on that big web and
    • Clearly share the uniqueness of their business.

And I still love doing this.

To reinventing…

I started noticing that many of my friends found themselves — at various stages of their lives — re-thinking and re-imagining their work. Often this reinvention begins with an exciting and energizing project idea. What if they could begin something new?

And so was born the If I Just Had Some Time retreat. Because we all deserve the time and space to develop those possibilities.