About Us

Creativity. Commitment. Know-How. The trademarks of a quality SEO agency. Coincidentally, the same values that we, well, value.

We are small by design. It’s important to us to get to know you and have time to focus on your unique business issues.

It is also important that you get to know us. Roundabout is led by me, Lori Stone.

Savannah-photoI bring over three decades of solid, high-tech marketing, content, usability and user design experience, two decades of website design and architecture and over a decade of SEO research, experience and consulting to your business issue.

Lori-young-smallAnd I always read the ending of a book first.

SEO is a unique combination of relational and technical. It is all about the person who is searching, what they are really looking for in that moment and also the unique value your business delivers.

Yet so many technical issues cloud whether that connection occurs.


Involved from the beginning, Robin Harper provides the dig-deep technical expertise to the business.

She creates websites, knows WordPress inside out and hasn’t met an e-commerce shopping cart she can’t wrangle.

She also writes short stories, so understands that big picture thinking.



About Roundabout

Pathway to the Studio

This summer we celebrate our ten-year anniversary! You can find us on the island of Martha’s Vineyard, off the coast of Massachusetts.

We have happily worked with well over a hundred businesses of all sizes all across the country. We specialize in e-commerce sites but our client list also includes B2B, service professionals, digital agencies, corporate event planners, financial planners, non-profit groups, realtors, manufacturers, hotels and more.

We are proud to say that many of our clients have been with us for years — we feel that we partner with them in their business. That is always our goal.


Lori’s philosophy – Simple and direct is best.

Contact Lori: lori@roundaboutmv.com


Robin’s philosophy – Work a problem one step at a time and keep your sense of humor!

Contact Robin: robin@roundaboutmv.com