Google Is Changing Again (yawn)

Google Is Changing Again (yawn)

The news is out and the e-commerce and SEO communities are abuzz.

  • Google is changing (again)
  • With a new algorithm (apparently they have moved on to cheeky birds from black and white animals)
  • And less search data about our visitors (well, pretty much no search data now)

For a moment, I got caught up in it all.  The angst, the worry, the oh-my-where-is-this-all-going.

And then I remembered what I tell my clients.  Appearing in the search rankings  is about a great user experience on your site, valuable and timely content, and an experience that customers want to share with others.

It’s about being clear about the unique value your site offers, the why behind what you do and the special community that you reach out to and help.

And if you’ve been focusing on that, you can weather whatever Google is dishing out that day.

Your business is here for the long haul, not for the quick fix.


If you are interested in the nitty-gritty details, here are some links.  But promise me you won’t get all caught up in the details.

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Image: Danny Perez Photography