Are you a thought leader?

Are you a thought leader?

I’m thinking about…. thought leaders.  Not the people who declare themselves to be, but those on the cusp who are putting new ideas out there and seeing how they fly.

I have a client who is doing great things and thinking in a different way.  He sells modular buildings.  And he holds the vision of how this could be a breakthrough concept for school design.

Reconfigurable as class sizes change.  As learning styles evolve.  As town and school budgets fluctuate.   As more is learned every day about innovative ways to teach children.

They can look permanent — customized to fit in with rest of architecture.  But they can also MOVE as the needs of the school change.

Plus they’re GREEN — saving resources while providing a healthier environment for children.

Cool, right?  And an application of modular buildings that has barely been explored.

He is a thought leader, ready to lead his industry  in a new direction.  The trouble is, he’s not sure.  “I don’t know enough,” he worries.

Here’s the secret.

When you’re pushing boundaries, you will never feel that you know enough.  How could you?  The territory is all new.  And most likely changing.

As long as you continue to innovate and imagine, that slightly unsure feeling in your stomach will persist.  Along with the excitement of learning new things and seeing in new ways.  And sharing that.

Get over it

(And I say that in the most loving way possible).  No one will ever declare you an expert.  You have to be willing to be out in front… to lead.

A true thought leader rarely believes they are one.

Photo by Jule_Berlin