Now that the sun is shining and the days are sparkling fresh, I’ve been spending more time in my garden. Perhaps you have also? While weeding, it occurred to me how similar SEO is to gardening in many ways. (Yes, I may have SEO a bit too much on my mind.)


Even just a bit of weeding makes the whole garden look better.

Your garden will bring you joy and visitors even if it is not ready for the Annual Garden Tour. And adding any bit of appropriate, visitor-centered SEO strengthens your entire site, increasing its overall quality.


Gardening is never “done.”

It never ends, does it? New plants grow and need special care, some die away for the season,  there is always more to learn.  SEO also needs continuous tending as the rules change, you observe how search engines react to your work and you understand how visitors find your site.


You need to clear out the big weeds to see the smaller ones.

There is a strategy involved and one area affects another. Sometimes one problem shields another from view and it’s just not visible on a first pass. Technical problems and errors often need to be cleared out before more subtle issues appear.


A variety of plants is more interesting.

To keep interest in your garden through all seasons, you need a mix of plants. There are so many ways to create combinations in your garden. And there are many different ways to let both visitors and search engines know more about your website.


A beautiful, well-maintained garden attracts visitors.

The scent, color and texture of a garden weaves a tapestry of seduction for onlookers, critters and insects of all kinds.  A well-designed and carefully thought-through website likewise draws in both searching visitors and search engines.


How does your garden grow?


A tip of the hat to All I Really Need to Know, I Learned in Kindergarten by Robert Fulghum.