Have you had a chance to try out Google +? It’s the newest social media channel, less than one month old.  It’s only for personal use right now — no companies allowed. I’m finding it to be refreshingly different from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn — a bit more space, more ease and lots of customization available.  It feels like not as much shouting somehow.

And it’s catching on fast. After 24 days, Google has over 20 million users — Facebook and Twitter took two years to get there.

Graph from Leon Haland

Even with 20 million users, how much value you will from get from it depends on how many of your friends/associates/customers have signed up for it. (If you need an invite, send me an email.)

What’s So Special?

It’s all in the circles. You can set up circles for different categories of friends. I’ve got circles for Friends, Clients, Family, Entrepreneurs, and Arty Friends, to start. Someone can be in more than one circle, because life tends to overlap, doesn’t it? Then you can send out messages and have conversations targeted to what that person is interested in.

And it feels so far as though it is not as much about broadcasting out, as Twitter and Facebook do, but fosters more conversation, similar to a blog.  Of course, they’re just getting started.

When Can Your Company Join?

When Google + first opened, companies rushed to be at the front of the line and began making Profile pages. But Google wasn’t ready for them, and in fact deleted the company profiles.

Google is now promising Q3 for brands, which could mean soon… or not.

How Will This Affect YOU?

Of course we won’t know until we see it and try it.

And, as with any social media channel, how effective it is will vary based on your company, your social media goals and your customers/clients.

But the potential looks great. And just as soon as it comes live for businesses, we will look at the best use for YOUR business and get it going.

(And please come visit and connect. Warning — Not much there yet.  I’m still playing with it myself.)

For more on Google Plus and its features, here is the official word from Google.)


Photo courtesy of ©Ken Douglas