I woke up this morning filled with an epiphany.  It is JULY, people!

Yeah, I know — obvious.  But think about it.  JULY.   We are halfway through the year with our businesses.

Remember all those bright shiny January New Year’s hopes and plans?  Now’s the time to take a look again.

Right on target?  Go reward yourself with a favorite beverage (mine is iced coffee), sipped outside in the gorgeous July sunshine.  No really, you deserve it — go ahead.

Some progress?   Let’s bask in that a moment.   Ahhhhhh

Not quite so much progress — here’s your chance to hit that Restart button.  (And I’m right there with you on this one.)

Personally, I never seem to be where I want to be in July.  Over-exuberance and optimism in January planning … perhaps.  Fear and doubts around actually Doing the Thing I want to do — definitely.  Perfectionism requiring that I work just ONE aspect completely to death and then feel it’s not good enough to actually share — you got me.

If your plan is going fine, keep on rolling.  We are all clapping for you.


Let’s pick ONE THING.  What will you be most happy to see movement on.  (Or conversely, what will you be yelling at yourself about in December because it didn’t happen?)

  • Is that one thing doable?
  • Do you know what the very next step to take is?
  • Could it maybe even already be good enough as it is and just needs to be floated out there so that you can see what else it might need?

I think I’ll go work on a certain blog……


Photo Courtesy of ©Nicholaus Haskins