Take a Peek: Memories from September’s retreat

Last autumn’s retreat was magical. A children’s book was started, a memoir was restructured, a business was reimagined and a teaching website for children was reborn.

But let them tell you themselves.

retreat collage export

I get such a warm feeling from seeing these images again!

The retreat was definitely a positive, worthwhile experience for me. It helped me put some much-needed structure and organization around my thoughts.

kymm-porchTaking “time out” from the daily grind, to step back and say “what do I really want to accomplish with this business” was so invaluable. It was just not possible for me to collect my thoughts and to understand what was working and what wasn’t in my current environment. I needed the retreat to make that happen.

The peace and tranquility of the Island, the space to be with others…or not…the communal time, support and sharing – all contributed to the perfect environment for me to make the most of my time.

Just getting off the “mainland” was such a great break from reality. The ferry is a wonderful way to start thinking differently, to be able to take a deep breath, and say “OK, this is about me, now. — Barb

 The retreat was indeed a high point of 2013 for me.

Lori created an amazing space for a small group of women to work on their projects. The 8-bedroom cottage featured clean, minimalist furnishings, an outdoor shower, various reading nooks, quiet workspaces and a wrap-around porch.

Flowers in every room, lots of books, stationery supplies, and delicious homemade food nurtured us and made project work feel less daunting. — Joyce

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The best part of the retreat for me was the format. We all met each morning for a check-in and inspirational words from Lori to get our creative juices flowing.


The rest of the day was mine to work on my project – wherever I wanted – at the house, at the beach… Lori was always available for questions, consultations, or words of encouragement.

The open time gave me exactly what I needed to make progress on my book – and the location was perfect! — Kymm