Custom SEO Strategies

We love that every day offers something new. Each solution is as unique as your own business. There are no cookie cutters in sight.

We begin by taking a big picture look with you at your business, customers and website to make sure we are solving the real problem. We know that often the problem that first presents itself is not the underlying issue.

Then we need to check that your site is indeed the best search result for your customers’ search queries – and ensure that Google can see that.

That’s why we start by getting to know more about your customers and their journey. What they are looking for and why.

We do so by looking into the ins and outs of your website. This includes technical changes that could help your site rank higher. And signals you can give to search engines to make your content more accessible.

We work to understand the WHO and WHY behind the data.

And with decades of experience working with well over a hundred clients, we have the hands-on know-how of what works in the ever-changing environment of the digital world.

What You Get

It’s not as simple as attracting lots of traffic to your site. It’s getting the right people to your site – meeting their needs while they are there – then giving them a reason to engage, return or buy.

We don’t just leave you with a long list of recommendations – we work with you to prioritize based on your resources and objectives. This is real, actionable advice.

Then we can make a plan to implement the changes for you or you can take them on yourself.

All of the SEO is future-proof for the long term. It is solid user experience, solid SEO, solid marketing – not a fad or loophole that a changing Google algorithm will suddenly penalize.

Who We Are

We (Lori and Robin) are each a unique blend of left and right brain – creative and analytical. Insightful and practical. We bring a strategic business sense to SEO. You can learn more about us here.

If we work with you, it’s because we believe we can make a difference. We’re here to make an impact on this world. Aren’t you? We’re not going to waste your time or resources.

It all starts with an audit – a basic review of your website from a certain angle to begin to dial in the focus on the issue.

A few of our favorite audits:

Overall SEO Audit – What’s the current state of the SEO on your site? How is it performing? Have recent algorithm changes affected your traffic? Is it current with technical requirements?

Website Relaunch SEO Audit – Are you relaunching with a new domain name, brand name, website? Concerned about bringing your existing customer base along with you and not losing existing rankings?

Customer Journey SEO Audit – Who is coming to your site now and what are they doing while they are there? Is the percentage of new visitors, returning visitors and buyers what you want? If not, how might you change that?

Content SEO Audit – You have loads of content on your site. But is it doing the work you planned? Is it reaching the customers or visitors you need? What should you do with older content on the site?