Ah, summertime. Long days of lazing in the hammock, sipping lemonade while trying to decide whether the time is right to take that nap. Days that seem to last forever. Birds singing, trees rustling gently in the breeze, sun warming you through and through.

Oh — your summer hasn’t exactly been like that? That’s the life of the passionate business owner — so much to do, client deadlines to meet, projects waiting to start, client needs to resolve.

I’m realizing that I need a summer vacation not so much FROM my business as WITH my business. We haven’t spent enough time hanging out together lately and just thinking.

Do you take time to listen to your business?

Do you take time to care and nurture it and guide it into the way you want it to go?

I mean think about it — if we aren’t taking advantage of doing the work we want to do, when we want to do it, how we want to do it, with the spirit we want to share with the world, then why are we doing it?

Here are some questions I plan to explore:

  • Some blue-sky big-picture thinking about my business itself, not on individual client work or projects.
  • What are we steering toward?
  • Any course corrections needed?
  • What comes easiest to me in the business? When am I my best self with clients?
  • And how do I make sure I do more of that.

My business deserves this.  So does yours.

And if you and your business would like to vacation on Martha’s Vineyard, consider our If I Just Had Some Time retreat in September.