This morning I was sipping coffee in an Adirondack chair beside my garden, listening to the birds and writing in my journal.

Which quickly became a lengthy to-do list of garden tasks, chronicalling all that was yet undone. (Did I mention it was lengthy??)

We have friends staying near us for the week, and they wandered over to start their day. As they settled into their chairs they mentioned how much they loved the garden… and the pond… and the birds… and the…..

A shift in perspective.

While I was focusing on what remained to be done, they were enjoying what already was. And as I looked around from their perspective, the garden DID look great.

Of course, I don’t just do this in my garden. I so often get caught up in plans and futures and possibilities and always-more-that-I-could-do better for family, friends and clients.

And while living in my vision of the future, I miss out on all the goodness that is here.

Back to Business

What can you enjoy about your business today? What can you appreciate even though it is not yet where you want it to be?

I’d really love to hear.


Photo: Me