Today my husband took the air conditioner out of the studio window.   As he precariously balanced the heavy weight trying to maneuver it out, he muttered, “Now I remember that 12 years ago when I put this in, I said it was never coming out.”

I remember that, too.  But twelve years ago we never could have imagined how the studio is being used now.  From an extra space to get away or house guests, for the past five years the studio has been the center of Roundabout.

And as we are growing (welcome, Rebecca), we are reconfiguring so that each person has a workspace looking out a window.  Hence the air conditioner removal.

What would my 12-years-ago self have thought of this?  She would have been very happy to know that she (I?) would successfully leave the corporate world to work with incredible clients across the country.  That the world would change to accommodate working location-independent.  That you can imagine a work and lifestyle uniquely your own — and then create it.

What were you doing twelve years ago?

What might you be doing looking forward twelve years?

Amazing, isn’t it.


Image:  Pathway to the studio by Me.