How to Bring an Idea to Life

Three years ago, I had an idea. It was a big idea for me and I wasn’t sure how to begin to make it real. Offering a cozy retreat to help busy women bring all of their own possibilities and projects to life in a way that worked exactly right for them.

Who Owns Your Website?

Sounds like a silly question.  But we work with new clients time and again who do not have the username or password to access their own site.  To make it easy for the owner, a web developer or marketing company had set up the site and handled the registration and hosting for them. This is fine until the developer moves to a sandy beach in the Pacific, gets hit by the proverbial bus or makes a sudden career change.  You need to make sure you have the keys to your website, just as you wouldn’t buy a house without getting the keys from the realtor. Let’s talk about the key elements surrounding your website that you absolutely need to control.   Domain Registrar and Web Host Some people get confused about the difference between your site’s domain registration and its web host. A domain registrar is the place where your site’s URL is reserved and managed. The web host is where your actual web site files are located. In some cases, they could be the same company. But in many cases, your domain will be registered with one company (such as Network Solutions) and the website hosted by a different company (such as GoDaddy). You need access to both of these accounts (username and password). If you are not sure who your site’s domain registrar or web host is, there are websites that provide free searches to look up domain ownership records.  You can go to and type in your domain name. The Registrar listed is the company that holds your domain name for you. The Registrant is...